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    Self Publishing Roadmap

    Wisdom House Media’s self publishing roadmap is a FREE 25 page, step-by-step outline of the major steps any aspiring author needs to consider on their journey to publication and, if this is their goal, commercial success.

    No matter what category and genre of book you are considering writing, there are really two broad strategies to consider – depending on your goals in deciding to write and publish a book:

    1. For personal use only – yourself, your family and friends, maybe some colleagues.

    2. To make available commercially – to offer for sale to some group or the general public.

    This first, fundamental decision will guide you in your choices of how to publish your book.

    For me and for many authors, no matter how challenging and rewarding is the process of writing your book, you may find that the publishing process is just as challenging – with what seems like an almost endless series of new phases and concepts to learn as you go.

    This was one of my biggest surprises – how much is involved – and how long the full publishing process actually takes.

    So, my first message to you is that you need to be ready for the publishing “journey” – and enjoy the ride – no matter which publishing route you choose, and there are two choices:

    1. Traditional publishing with an agent and a publisher, although you should still plan to retain primary responsibility for marketing and selling your book, or

    2. Self publishing, and there are two options here:

    A. You doing “everything” yourself – a true “DIY” process (not recommended simply due to the myriad of new tools and techniques and software needed to be mastered — unless you have the skills and abilities and time necessary!)

    B. Hiring a full service book designer to guide you through the rapids.

    How you go about publishing is up to you, of course, as the author.

    But, no matter which approach you choose for your own unique publishing journey, the following step-by-step outline will provide you with at least a basic overview of the various phases that you need to consider and the knowledge you need to acquire to move you all the way from your initial “concept” of writing a book all the way to making it commercially available – if that is your goal. If this is not your goal, then simply just omit any of the various phases of the roadmap that are not things you believe you need to do for your book to meet your goals. These decisions are yours to make as the author!

    This Wisdom House Media White Paper is now available as a PDF. For access, please just click HERE.